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Counting Your Friends on One Hand…

I have heard many times how losing friends and being able to 'count your friends on one hand' is all part of growing up. It is common knowledge that people will come in and out of our lives, but those people seem to move a hell of a lot quicker when you're going through something… Continue reading Counting Your Friends on One Hand…


Travelling, Volunteering and Working with a Chronic Illness

As ever, I'll start by telling you how busy I've been to excuse my lack of posts, but I think if you're actually bothered about the amount I write, then you will have noticed that my posts have pretty much been a monthly thing. So instead of apologising at the start of every post, I will aim… Continue reading Travelling, Volunteering and Working with a Chronic Illness


Discharged From Therapy!

Since I'm all big on change in my life recently - I thought I would revamp my blog. Mostly because I was becoming less and less keen on its appearance but also because - I'm not actually a student anymore... I realised that so far, my blog posts have actually been specific to my illness and… Continue reading Discharged From Therapy!

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A New Chapter;

Firstly, I want to apologise for being absent from my blog for the past month. I feel like I start all of my posts like this, and I doubt very much that you've been sat awaiting a blog post written by me, but I feel like I should apologise all the same. And now that I… Continue reading A New Chapter;

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The Fight for Acceptance

I have written about acceptance before on this blog, but I feel like it's time to write about it again. I have come to the realisation that acceptance of a long life illness, is not something that comes easily. It is something that will help me tremendously, but it is also a process, and something that… Continue reading The Fight for Acceptance

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It's late at night and I'm writing a blog post, which can only mean I have too many thoughts buzzing around my head and I need to make sense of them. I apologise in advance if this post is the ranty, frustrated mess I anticipate that it will be. I'm tired, in the sleepy way… Continue reading Remission?

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You Should Celebrate Every Tiny Victory

I want to apologise (again) for my lack of posts recently! My dissertation was due last week and any writing time I had sort of had to be spent on that. BUT I made it through the week and handed it in a couple of days before the deadline, despite thinking at one point that… Continue reading You Should Celebrate Every Tiny Victory


My thoughts on therapy

So on Tuesday I had my first therapy session. Some of you may read this and think that after one hourly session with my counsellor it's pretty ridiculous that I can have a blog post's worth of opinions on therapy. But I wanted to write this post for two reasons. 1) to prove to myself… Continue reading My thoughts on therapy


Struggling Does Not Mean that You are Weak

Firstly, I want to apologise for my lack of posts recently. I am manically trying to get through my final semester of university, and pass my degree. I have been busy reading lots and writing lots and in between that I have been trying to rest as not to completely burn myself out. Although my… Continue reading Struggling Does Not Mean that You are Weak

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Happy New Year

This is my first post of 2016 - and somehow I couldn't think of a more fitting title than 'happy new year' even if so far these 11 days haven't been all that. I apologise for my lack of posts recently, but I've been busy - some nice plans with friends and family, my boyfriend… Continue reading Happy New Year