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The A-Z of IBD

I know I keep banging on about raising awareness of inflammatory bowel disease, but as much as I keep banging on about it, I wonder how many people actually realise the extent of things associated with IBD. There are numerous symptoms aside from stomach pain; and numerous procedures, drugs, and side effects that many people endure as a result of IBD. So I decided to be slightly more informative and write a post on the A-Z of IBD. It is not an exhaustive list, but just what my foggy brain can come up with on a Sunday night. If you want real information that is a little less poetic you should visit the CCUK website where there are information sheets galore!!! http://www.crohnsandcolitis.org.uk

A is for anxiety, abscesses and Asacol

B is for blood tests, bowels and bloating


is for Crohn’s and Colitis UK, canulas and constipation


is for depression, diagnosis and diarrhoea

E is for endoscopies, eye problems and episcleritis

F is for flare ups, fatigue and fistulas


G is for GP’s, gastroenterologists, and genetics

H is for hospitals, hot water bottles and Humira

I is for IBDSuperheroes, immunosuppressants, infections and Infliximab


J is for joint pain and jejunum

K is for kidney stones and key-hole surgery

L is for life-long, large intestine and laxatives

M is for Mercaptopurine, moviprep and moon-face

N is for nurses and NG tubes

O is for osteoporosis, oral Crohn’s and ostomies

P is for pain, Prednisolone, Pillmate and peppermint tea



Q is for questions (what I had many of during diagnosis)

R is for rectum, resections and remission!


S is for stomas, surgery and steroids


T is for tiredness and TPN

U is for ulcers, ultrasounds and Ulcerative colitis

V is for vomiting, vitamins and vedolizumab

W is for weight fluctuation, wind and wheaty bag


X is for X-rays

Y is for youth (diagnosis is increasingly common amongst teenagers)

Z is for zoos (just because they’re my happy place and you need all the happiness you can get when living with IBD!) (also because I can think of nothing at all relating to IBD that begins with Z)



I hope you find this list informative and somewhat awareness raising – there really is A LOT that comes along with IBD. As I’d say, the gift that keeps on giving…

Hope you’re all doing great at the moment.

Love, Anna





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